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Back Blouse Design Ideas for Brides

Back Blouse Design Ideas for BridesBack Blouse Design Ideas for Brides

Indian wedding dresses are just as extravagant as the weddings themselves. Indian bridal attire is meant to stand out and be the centre of attraction on the wedding day. Whether you wear a lehenga, suit, or a saree, what makes your outfit stand out on most occasions is the blouse design.

These days, brides are experimenting with unique design ideas especially when it comes to the blouse back design.

Whether it is for pre-wedding functions like mehndi, sangeet, engagement, or the wedding itself, you can check out the following back blouse design ideas for brides that are very much in trend in the bridal attire market these days. 

Sheer back:

Image Credit: Priti Patel

One of the most trendy and in-fashion back blouse design, a sheer back blouse is class-apart! The back of the blouse in a sheer back design is made up of transparent or very thin material like a net or georgette. The length of the net on the back can be customized.

A full-length sheer back blouse design goes well with every outfit and especially for lehengas and sarees. This style is suitable for outfits made up of light fabrics.

String back:

Image Credit: Wedding Art

This back blouse design has made a grand comeback in the best back blouse design ideas for brides this wedding season. You can choose to have a single string in the middle at the back of the blouse or one string each at the top and bottom of the blouse.

Some brides also create patterns on the back of the blouse using multiple strings. There is also an option to have a string on a bareback or a string with a partial cloth cover as the back of the blouse.

You should choose the one that you are more comfortable with. After all, style is nothing if not comfortable, right?

Knotted back:

Image Credit: Aprajita Toor

This back blouse design idea is similar to the previous one except that in the place of strings, there are knots made up of the same fabric that is used to make your outfit. These knots can be shaped in any creative manner you like.

They can be in the shape of flowers or bow-ties or just a simple fabric knot. This is one of those back blouse design ideas for brides that can work with a slightly heavy fabric as well.

Tassel back:

Image Credit: Aprajita Toor

There isn’t a lot to say about this design, it is self-explanatory. One of the less popular but extremely graceful designs for a back blouse for the bride, it can have tassels of any shape and length. This design works with a lehenga as well as a saree.

The tassels can be made of beads or pearls or thread or even the fabric itself. There is a great variety to choose from. 

High back:

Image Credit: Mehak Arora

High back blouse design for brides is the most famous design when it comes to sarees. It can be worn by women with all body types, whether lean or round. It gives a structured and well-built look to the entire ensemble.

This particular back blouse design idea for brides can have either matching embroidery or a contrasting design with respect to the outfit of the bride.

You can either opt for a Victorian high-neck or a collar in the front to go with this design.

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