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Blogs Are Changing The Way We Get Information

Blogs Are Changing The Way We Get InformationBlogs Are Changing The Way We Get Information

Did you ever think thirty years ago you would be reading a blog to get ideas or learn how to do something new? Blogs have become so important that people are starting to turn it into a full-time profession. Former journalists are now taking their talents online.

News stations, doctors, pet groomers, and even the local hardware stores have jumped on board and built their own blogs. Why? Blogs are a great way for a business to demonstrate their expertise in a particular skill or topic. By providing helpful information, you, in turn, start to trust them for other ideas and even later down the road purchases. 

For example, the local dog groomer writes a blog about how to maintain your animal’s coat or trim their nails. Hardware stores are starting to blog about home renovation or decorating ideas.

You can find just about anything you want to know on someone’s blog, even how to build a jet-powered outhouse. Who knew?

What to Expect to Find on a Blog

Blogs vary on so many topics. They have a use for anyone in any field of interest or profession. Home renovators are getting ideas and even tips on how to start a new project.

Designers are getting inspiration from home improvement and home décor blogs. For example, take the latest trend of using exterior barn doors for entryways inside your home (one of my personal favorites).

You can find anything from how to build, hang, or purchase a barn door for your home. 

The post on modernlifeblogs.com shows some of the ideas and tips on decorating your home, Top Ten Home Décor Tips. You can find anything you want to know. The list of topics is endless.

You can find things such as:

  1. Medical advice
  2. Fitness tips
  3. Housecleaning tips
  4. Renovation ideas
  5. Beauty tips
  6. Guides for the latest technology
  7. Pet care
  8. Nutrition
  9. Even the latest world or celebrity news

How Do You Know If You Can Trust the Blog

In today’s web-focused lifestyle, you have to be careful with what you believe. Ever see the commercial where the woman introduces her boyfriend as a French model? When she is asked if it is true or not, she says, “Of course it is. The internet says so.” 

Remember the days when you use to see the National Enquirer or Star magazines on the rack in the grocery store. It was understood that the news in those magazines was not always true. They have a shock factor that kept you reading. Be careful of the blogs that seem to have that same type of news.

The best rule of thumb in deciding who to trust, look at the author or company who publishes the blog. If you are reading a blog post authored by someone from the New York Times or a well-known expert in your field of interest, you can usually trust that it is good information.

  1. Do they have expertise in what they are writing about?
  2. Does the blog have references you can verify?
  3. Last, does the advice make sense? If not, keep researching.

The Blog That Went From Rags to Riches

Ever hear of The Huffington Post? In the era when news sites were too afraid to venture into the online business, Arianna Huffington saw an opportunity. She created a blog for other bloggers who were tired of the way the mainstream news was reporting on events. They wanted the real news from the people on the streets.

Her blog covered all types of topics from the latest news, psychology advice, and even some parenting ideas. She transformed the way news is consumed today. Fast forward to a few years ago. Arianna Huffington transformed the blog by hiring writers and celebrities to take over. The now known HuffPost is considered one of the most influential blogs on the internet today.

The world has changed. Information is truly at your fingertips. Do you need to know how to do something or just get inspired for your next DIY project? Start searching online. You will find a blogger that has already been there and wants to share their knowledge with you.

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