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Social Media Copywriting: How to Integrate a Brand

Social Media CopywritingSocial Media Copywriting

Did you know that 31% of U.S. adults report that they’re online almost constantly? With our world constantly becoming more digitally-driven, it’s easy to believe.

Just about everything can be done from one’s phone. However, it can be hard for businesses to connect with customers through a phone screen.

That’s why creating a brand voice, especially in your social media posts, is so critical. But how can you infuse your brand’s style into your copywriting on social media platforms?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading to learn how to develop your brand’s voice through your social media copywriting!

Emphasize with Visuals

Visuals can do an excellent job at suggesting mood or tone. For example, visualize a costume party, rather than a black-tie event.

The atmospheres are completely different, right? While a costume party is higher-energy and goofy, a black-tie event is more serious and classy. 

That’s why it’s important to choose the right corresponding visuals when social media copywriting. If you’re going for a professional and serious tone, you don’t want flashy colors, visuals, and vice versa.

Identify Your Audience

If you’re a marketing veteran, you already know the importance of identifying your target audience. However, it’s important that you become even more specific and pick out which segments of your target audience exist in which corners of the internet.

For example, say you’re targeting beauty product lovers. You can safely assume that older members of your target audience will view your content on Facebook, while younger members will search for it on Instagram.

Instagram lingo may come across as awkward on Facebook and vice versa due to the differing demographics. So, while you want to maintain a fairly consistent voice across the board, don’t be afraid to slightly alter your tone between platforms for a smoother reception.

Speak Like a Real Person

Your social media copy should emulate how you’d speak to a customer in person. That means you should drop any funky jargon that complicates your message. However, that doesn’t mean your writing has to be ultra conversational either. 

The best way to find the perfect balance is by considering the relationship between you and your customers. Do you want them to consider your brand as a friendly companion or more of a helpful informant? Once you determine this, you can easily write in a more natural speech-like way.

Pinpoint Your Goals

Your brand’s voice should gravitate around your mission as a company. What are your goals? What principles do you stand behind?

Your company’s beliefs and values can easily be the foundation for your brand voice. They will give you words and concepts that you can always circle back around to when writing social media copy.

You want your audience to see consistency across your posts. While you want to create readable and engaging content, remember that it should always reflect the ideology of your business. 

Mastering the Art of Social Media Copywriting

There are always new ways of building your brand’s voice, whether your business is old or new. Social media gives businesses the chance to express themselves more than ever. With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble becoming a pro at social media copywriting!

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